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Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, Portland, Oregon.
The Rainwater Law Group specializes in the defense of criminal prosecutions and investigations in federal and state courts at the trial, appellate, post-conviction, and habeas-corpus levels. Prior to going in to private practice in 2008, Robert Rainwater was an Assistant Federal Defender for more than seventeen years, handling a wide variety of federal criminal cases, including fraud, drug-trafficking, firearms and explosives, immigration, child-pornography, computer-related crime, violent-crime, and capital-murder cases. Before becoming an Assistant Federal Defender, Mr. Rainwater was the Chief Defense Attorney for the Office of the Public Defender for Fresno County, California, supervising dozens of attorneys and handling cases ranging from misdemeanors to capital-murder cases.
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Tarango v. McDaniel Tarango claimed a violation of his right to due process where a police vehicle followed Juror No. 2, a known holdout ...

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Lee v. JacquezThe court held that California’s Dixon rule, which prohibits California state courts from considering habeas claims that ...

Clark v. Ryan, No. 15-15531 [September 2, 2016]

Clark v. Ryan Clark contended that an Arizona Court of Appeals decision that Arizona’s modern sex offender registration statute ...

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Alvarez v Lopez, No. 12-15788 [August 30, 2016]

Alvarez v. LopezThe Court stated the issue as “whether an Indian tribe violated a criminal defendant’s rights by failing to ...